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Countertops 101 exists to help countertop companies reach new heights.  We work hard to keep you informed on the latest marketing, sales and operations strategies available through our Blog, video posts, podcasts, live presentations and individual consultations.

Here is a sampling of what you can find on Countertops 101:

  • Best Practices
  • Video Training
  • Podcasts
  • Templates
  • Sales Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies
  • and more!

Since first creating Countertops 101 back in 2005, it certainly has evolved over the years.  I am hoping that 2015 will be one of the best years to date! It It is hard to believe that in June Countertops 101 will be 10 years old!!

As in previous years, my goal for this site in 2017 is to help countertop fabricators take their business to the next level. As many of you know, in the countertop industry I have held many roles including shop gopher, fabricator, installer, company owner, consultant, manufacturer rep, and even what is arguably the most important job in the countertop industry – the templater. I have made many great friends in this industry and it has provided well for my family and I over the years.

That being said, there have been times where I have struggled and come close to my breaking point with frustrations. This is why Countertops 101 exists.  I feel there is no reason for individuals or companies to waste time trying to reinvent the wheel and I am 100% committed to the belief that knowledge is meant to be shared.  I know that some of you out there disagree with me, but I would argue that if you tried sharing what you have learned over the years and helped others succeed you would know just why I am passionate about what this site has achieved.

Remember a rising tide raises all ships!

The better everyone gets in this industry individually, the better off the industry is as whole. As strange as it may seem, it is actually better for you if your competitors are continually improving.  It raises the bar for everyone including quality standards and pricing.  Granted, this means you need to constantly be striving to improve your business too, but nobody ever said success comes without struggle and sacrifice.

Speaking of success, I wanted to share my definition of success.  I feel success can be measured by the lives of those people you touch each day in an effort to help or improve.  This means sacrifice on your part to help others achieve their dreams and reach their goals.  I have really tried to commit to this definition since 2007 and I have found I have much more joy in my life than when I measured my success by my bank account or the size of my company.  I have to admit this is a struggle and in today’s me-first, instant gratification society it is easy to side-step to the left or to the right.  However, I can promise you that if you take the challenge to make this your definition of success you will find you have better relationships and increased joy in your life.

After all joy is what we are after, right?  Happiness is temporary and fleeting.  Joy comes from the heart and can define our attitude and make a lasting impact on how we feel and treat people.  So my challenge for everyone in 2015 is to make a heart change if you have not already – focus on helping others first, sharing your knowledge and wisdom.  Working together we can all take the countertop industry to the next level!

Every great journey has its ups and downs, but if we keep our eyes on the target we will eventually get to the summit!






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