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Hello and welcome to Countertops 101,

Countertops 101 was founded in 2003 as an extension of our founder’s first company Exceeding Expectations in Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, it was one of the only countertop websites in the industry. Since its inception, Countertops 101 was created to be a resource for consumers, GC’s, architects, designers and anyone else that wanted to learn about the various countertop materials available on the market.

As our founder’s portfolio of companies grew and evolved, the countertop segment sat idle as we focused on building luxury homes in Dallas with 2g Habitats. During this time period Countertops 101 was strictly used as a repository for best practices, tips, fabrication techniques and other general knowledge about the countertop industry as our founder continued to worked closely with the teams at notable countertop manufacturers such as Samsung Staron, LG Hi-Macs and Cambria.

in 2016, after a decade in the homebuilding industry and nearly two decades in the countertop industry, our founder formally made Countertops 101 the countertop division of 2g Habitats. Countertops 101 is a retail dealer for natural stone and quartz. We also specialize in solid surface fabrication and work with builders, designers and GC’s throughout Dallas.

Countertops 101 looks forward to continuing to serve our dedicated customers looking for the best service in the countertop industry for many years to come.

At Countertops 101, you can rest assured you are working with passionate countertop experts that have some of the most diverse and in depth product knowledge in Dallas, Texas. We have the knowledge, passion and experience to deliver a customer experience second to none.

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The Countertops 101 Team