Here is a little bit about Sam:

I have owned a large production countertop company in AZ.
I now consult with fabricators, architects and designers through Countertops 101.
I also refinish solid surface countertops when I get the chance.
I love working with solid surface!
I love helping other business owners find success.
I am an American Heart Association certified CPR instructor.
I am a NASM and PFTA certified personal fitness trainer.
I have been involved in the construction industry since 1996.
I love homebuilding and construction because I like to see the fruits of my labor.
I love to hike and fish.
I love Calvin & Hobbes.
I really like Oregon for the above reason – I will retire there.
I would love to live in Australia – even if for only 2-5 years for the experience.
I have lived in CA, AZ, GA, TX and OR
I hate running.
I like to workout.
I love seafood and Mongolian BBQ.
I absolutely hate cheese sauce (it comes out of the can just like dog food!)
I am married to the best wife ever!
I have  3 daughters that are amazing as well!
I love to meet new people and learn about the passions that drive them!

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