Gaining Efficiencies

Gaining Efficiencies

One key component that should be a part of every business is operating software that can keep your company on track.

In the past this may not have been necessary.  Everyone was doing business with paper, clip boards and files.  This is not the case anymore.  Even if you are still doing business this way, your competition is moving forward, or already has moved to the digital world.

The biggest thing keeping individuals and companies from moving to a core software program is fear and complacency.  We all get stuck in our comfort zone and many of us despise change.  We tell ourselves we have been doing this for 29 yeras, 10 years, whatever, and it works.

OK, I’ll give you that what you are doing may work.  What if you could do it faster, quicker and more profitable though?  What if you are leaving money on the table?  Or even more importantly, what if you could get the same amount of work done as you do now, but be able to spend your evenings with your family?

Moraware is a software that can help you achieve these goals in your countertop company.  I used Moraware personally back in my countertop company and it made a world of difference getting everyone on the same page.

I love helping businesses get up to speed on Moraware, because it can truly help make your business more successful.  Granted, it is not as cool as learning about the latest saw jet or water jet, but I promise you integrating an operational software will get you one of the best ROI that you can make.

If you integrate Moraware into your business and get everyone on board you will wonder how you did business without it.

So what can Moraware help you with?

Here are the most common tasks:

Here are even more when you integrate it into your business:

-QC – forms for templates, fabrication and  installation
-Scripts for schedulers
-Increase capacity – scheduling based on bottlenecks rather than FIFO (first in first out)
-Profits – sales team all quoting the same way
-Remote capabilities – you can learn anything you need to know about a job from anywhere on the planet
-Knowledge- know in real time where your business stands to make knowledgable changes for greater success.

I want to mention that I do not work for Moraware.  I created Countertops 101 to help fabricators take their businesses to the next level, and I personally believe that the team at Moraware has put together a software package that can do just this.  I have used the software myself and I believe in it.

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