Integrating Moraware Software

Integrating Moraware Software

In this industry everyone wants to focus on the tech side of the business – fancy CNC’s, bridgesaws, edge polishers, and water jets. After all, most of us got into this industry because we liked to create things with our hands. Talking about software and other “office” details can get kind of dull.

However, I strongly encourage you to look at getting a project management software for your company.  It will help you stay on task and be more efficient and be more profitable.

So why did I first get Moraware for my company?

Simple. Quoting.

Before M0raware I was using a bunch of excel spreadsheets for all of my sales teams. I considered myself very proficient in excel and I must admit they did their job.  However, despite being proud of my excel pricing programs, I knew there had to be a better solution.  There were many shortcomings with my program, here is what I was looking to solve:

1) Error Reduction – While I would lock cells and try and make it full proof, at one point or another, a sales person would mess something up and crash the algorithm.  Hopefully this was caught before a wrong price was quoted – sometimes yes, sometimes no.  I can tell you the error almost never caused the price to be in my favor.

2) Consistency- The programs were pretty structured, but I could have 5 different sales people quote a job and get 5 different prices.  Granted, they were all within 2-5% of each other, but 4% on only a $1M company is still $40k.  That os some good cheese.

3) Speed. We needed to be able to do quotes faster.  Like most shops, we were offering solid surface, quartz and natural stone.  Add to this the fact that in solid surface and quartz we have 5-8 manufactures and there were lots of options to quote.  It never failed, we would do a quote in one brand and then the customer would want us to quote another material.  We would have to redo everything in another excel program. This was time consuming.

4) Integration.  When closing a job we would have to print a quote.  Then open and print a contract.  Then our “template – what to expect” form. Etc. Etc. There was a lot of shuffling between programs to get done what we needed.  We wanted a one stop print if you will.

No don’t get me wrong – our programs worked for a long time.  And there are many shops that are still doing their quoting this way.  That is fine. But I can promise you that there is a good chance you are leaving money on the table – either in direct dollars or in lost labor costs.

OK, so your sales team is on commission.  Well, keep in mind if your team can quote faster and more accurately they come across as more professional and close deals faster.  Faster closes allows time for more closings.  You always have to consider opportunity costs.

Moraware can solve all of the above issues for you and more – you might even discover you have issues that you did not even think about.  Moraware helped me think about my business in absolutes and allowed me to test new strategies and theories and see how it affected the company as a whole.

Moreaware has great training on their site for Moraware.  I want to help you integrate it into your business so you become more profitable and get you started thinking about how you can be more efficient using software.

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