In staying true to our roots we are now offering solid surface countertop refinishing services. Over the years Countertops 101 has helped fabricators achieve new levels of success, architects specify better surfaces for their projects and homeowners with their difficult questions. One question that seems to come up quite often from homeowners and general contractors is, “Do you know a fabricator that can refinish my solid surface countertop?”


While we have been making recommendations for this service many homeowners have been asking us to help them for the various reasons:

1) The fabricators they reach out to are too busy to do a refinish job right now

2) The fabricators they speak with only do new countertops – no repairs or refinishing

3) The fabricator that did show up made a huge mess!

While we never really considered our company to be in the countertop repair or refinishing business, we have helped roughly 40 customers between 2014 and 2018, because we felt so bad for the situation they were in.  Several of the homeowners that reached out to us were ready to sell their homes and the countertops were badly scratched.  After calling around and finding no help, they asked if we could do ANYTHING to help them.

Other customers had new kitchens installed with a less than stellar finish.  The were not happy with the service or the refinishing they had received from the company they contracted with originally and now they were reaching out for help.

Several customers had either bought a home with solid surface countertops that were worn and scratched; or were ready to make their existing kitchens look new again, but did not want to spend the money on all new countertops. They were growing frustrated in their search for a fabricator to refinish their countertops.

Three customers were renting homes and “somehow” the countertops got scratched, etched by nail polish remover, and drawn all over by a very stubborn sharpie. They were desperate to make the countertops look new again so they would not get a fine from the landlord, or worse, be forced to buy a new countertop.

Most of the calls we took were in regards to needing their sold surface countertops to be refinished. However, we did get two calls from an individual whose stainless steel sink was falling off. It had been improperly attached to his granite countertop and literally the only thing holding it up was the plumbing.

After talking with these people and hearing their stories it became clear that their is need for this service in North Texas.

Countertops 101 is now offering solid surface finishing services to help fill this gap in the market. Solid surface countertops include: Corian, Staron, Himacs, Avonite, Gibralter, Durat, and LivingStone. 2g Habitats does not offer refinishing or repair services for quartz, natural stone, concrete or cultured marble.