Since I hate talking about myself, here is what others have said about me.  If I have helped you, I would love to add your testimonial to the wall!


Les Pluard, Vista Construction – Letter of Recommendation – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


John Christensen, President, Solid Surface Technologies

“Having Sam as a territory rep. was a refreshing experience. Sam was very knowledgeable in the product and company he represented. He also owned a countertop fabrication shop previously and had experience at the ground level in the workings of the solid surface industry. Every conversation that I had with Sam was enlightening and spirited. Smart and energized, is how I always perceived Sam. I am certain that prosperity will follow Sam in his future endeavors.”


Tausha Fowler, Photographer + Creative Director

“I worked for Sam at his countertop company in Phoenix, AZ. Sam was beyond wonderful to work with. He was so incredibly hardworking and was always a positive person to be around. If we lived in the same state I am sure we would still be working together at some capacity.

I loved working for him and would recommend him highly to anyone who asks!”


Dwayne Robinson, VP Operations, ICON

“…… Sam brought to the position a good breadth of industry knowledge and organizational skills. He was able to act quickly and decisively in a fast paced and ever-changing environment. He understood how to prioritize the day’s activities and resources to insure completion of the daily production plan. Sam definetely possess the skills and an intellect well suited for operations management.”


Pete DuBrule, VP Sales, ICON

“As VP of Sales for a a manufacturer of custom goods, Sam and I often worked together defining and resolving details of customer requirements. Sam operated as a well balance and confident point of interface for me who demonstrated a clear understanding of the business imperatives on both sides of the equation, not just the issues in Manufacturing. Sam was a huge asset to the company, respected by his management, peers and subordinates.”


David Gerard/ Gerard HouseWorks , Homer, Alaska

“I am a small business owner who does custom counter tops in the very small and remote town in Homer Alaska. Because of our location it is important that we offer the best materials available to our customers and also we need the assurance that the materials will actually be available and will arrive on time. Sam has helped us stay competitive in our industry by keeping us current on the best pricing and shipping methods. Sam has also helped me in other ways such as how better to advertise in such a unique location.  That type of help is above and beyond his job obligation.  My business relies on great people like Sam Graham. ”


James Black, BMC

“I give Sam my full endorsement for several reasons. He is a leader, a professional, and a problem solver! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Sam and witness his ability to turn adverse issues into successes, build client relationships through his integrity and create future business opportunities with excellent results. He is respected by his peers and clients and has an extensive track record of success. Sam would be an asset to any organization!”


Matt and Amy McNulty, Dallas, Texas

“it’s all good”….those words were uttered by Sam each day and ended up describing the journey that we took to build our dream home. We were a little overwhelmed beginning our project, but Sam’s communication, professionalism and attitude quickly put us at ease.

During construction, Sam was readily available for any questions or “walk throughs” that were needed.  He communicated quickly and directly with the sub-contractors and made sure that everything was completed to our expectations.  His attention to the littlest detail made the day-to-day construction run seamlessly.  One of the biggest testaments to Sam’s ability is that after we moved into our new home and took a deep breath, we decided that we would do it all over again and choose Sam to be a part of it.

One of the most enjoyable surprises that came out of building our home is that we found a friend in Sam.  After our project, he would often stop by to see how things were going or if anything needed to be done.  Sam is truly a gem in the construction business and definitely one worth trusting with your most precious project.


Dwain Houck, Dallas, Texas

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Sam Graham for approximately three years. He served as the Contractor during the construction of my custom home in Dallas, Texas. The home was built at a cost of approximately $1,000,000.

Sam demonstrated resourcefulness and ingenuity in meeting customer needs promptly – even as he oversaw day-to-day company operations and the construction of more homes than my one.

I personally recommend Sam Graham as a residential construction contractor. He is a man of solid character and in depth knowledge of construction practices and management.

Feel free to contact me for more information if you desire.

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